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Ways Teeth-Grinding Harms Your Smile

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It goes without saying that your smile endures a significant amount of wear over the course of your life. After all, nearly everything can be detrimental to your oral health, and it is for this reason that your dentist emphasizes the importance of an effective preventive dental routine. Even still, decay and infection might be… Read more »

Are You Affected By Bruxism?

Nothing is worse than a restless night of sleep, as it can have a significant impact on your daily function and routine. What’s more, the source of your restless slumber could be related to a dangerous sleeping disorder or nighttime teeth-grinding. Without proper treatment or assessment, your health can become at risk down the line…. Read more »

When Chronic Teeth Grinding Causes Jaw Dysfunction

Just as snoring is not necessarily indicative of a bigger concern to many, teeth grinding can be often overlooked as an important problem. In other words, many individuals view concerns such as decay or infection caused by oral bacteria to be the biggest threat to their grins, but for others, that threat shows itself in… Read more »

Three Factors that Might Contribute to Your Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Daytime headaches and soreness in your jaw can be signs of bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, and significantly impact your overall function. While it may be able to be managed with a custom sleep appliance, addressing the concern needs to begin at the source. From anxiety levels to jaw misalignment, and even to attempts for… Read more »