Month: July 2021

Comparing Custom Appliances To Traditional Methods

Young woman making sleep gesture and wearing bite plate in mouth to save teeth from grinding caused by bruxism. Woman sleeps peacefully thanks to the bite plate that protects her teeth from bruxism.

It goes without saying that oral health concerns take on a variety of different shapes and forms. For example, a simple crack can cause a major infection as well as impact your smiles appearance. What’s more? Dental decay and infection plague millions of patients smiles every year. Something that you might not necessarily expect, however,… Read more »

Ways Your Sleep Impacts Your Health

asian man in bed suffering insomnia and sleep disorder thinking about his problem at night

Getting a good night’s rest can be helpful in improving your ability to focus during the day, retaining information, and lead to an overall better mindset moving forward. On the other hand, not getting enough hours of sleep or disturbed rest can lead to a number of complications, including fatigue, irritability, and more. In today’s… Read more »