Comparing Custom Appliances To Traditional Methods

Young woman making sleep gesture and wearing bite plate in mouth to save teeth from grinding caused by bruxism. Woman sleeps peacefully thanks to the bite plate that protects her teeth from bruxism.It goes without saying that oral health concerns take on a variety of different shapes and forms. For example, a simple crack can cause a major infection as well as impact your smiles appearance. What’s more? Dental decay and infection plague millions of patients smiles every year. Something that you might not necessarily expect, however, is the way that sleeping disorders and grinding your teeth at night can impact not only your oral health, but your overall physical health. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist explores traditional methods of preventing damage from sleeping disorders, and how oral appliances can benefit your smile.

CPAP Benefits and Hindrances

When it comes to those experiencing sleep issues, nearly everyone that has sought treatment has come into contact with a CPAP machine at one time or another. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy utilizes a special machine to help regulate your breathing while you slumber. It consists of a mask that fits over your mouth and nose that is connected to a hose leading to the machine itself.

One of the major complications that arise with using a CPAP machine is its incredibly bulky nature. Indeed, sleeping with a large mask over most of your face can be difficult, especially if you toss and turn frequently, as the mask is not independent from the machine.

Another issue that many do not like is that when functioning, the device makes noise. While many people can sleep soundly through some noise, those that identify as light sleepers may find this method contradictory to its intended purpose. To learn more about the technology behind this process, reach out to our team today.

A Simpler Alternative

Because of the many complications that accompany CPAP machines, it goes without saying that it is often not the ideal solution for a variety of people. In fact, advances in dental technology and equipment have sought alternative methods to improve airflow at night.

One of these solutions involves the use of a custom oral appliance. These can vary from mouthguards to other specific appliances, and can be custom-designed to not only fit comfortably in your mouth, but provide ideal airflow regulation so that you can enjoy your sleep once more. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Finding Solutions for You

We know that your specific needs and circumstance does not clearly fit into one category or another, and therefore, your treatment options should not either. When you are visiting our office next, make sure to ask our team about your potential options.

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