Ways Your Sleep Impacts Your Health

asian man in bed suffering insomnia and sleep disorder thinking about his problem at nightGetting a good night’s rest can be helpful in improving your ability to focus during the day, retaining information, and lead to an overall better mindset moving forward. On the other hand, not getting enough hours of sleep or disturbed rest can lead to a number of complications, including fatigue, irritability, and more. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist explores the medical health side of the quality of your sleep, and how it relates to your physical well-being.

How Grinding Can Cause Damage

While a sub-par night of rest certainly leads to next-day difficulties, that is the biggest issue they present, right? On the contrary, your sleep influences so much! It can lead to difficulty paying attention or performing tasks, and it can even influence your critical thinking and motor skills.

One issue that many individuals might not associate with a sleep concern is that of teeth-grinding. This is the process of clenching your teeth together and moving your lower jaw from side to side. Ad these structures rub together, they are generating friction to can lead to significant damage down the line. For instance, the longer your teeth rub against one another in a clenched fashion, the more likely you are to experience a crack or a chip.

Another concern that comes from chronic bruxism is that it actively leads to weakened teeth. You see, the grinding sensation wears down the surfaces of your teeth, allowing concerns such as bacteria and plaque to make their way into a structure and cause an infection. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Not Enough Oxygen to the Brain

An issue that many people usually do not think twice about is snoring. While snoring every once in a while is not something that one should be concerned about, constant snoring is a completely different story. This phenomenon occurs when your airflow becomes restricted in such a way that not enough oxygen is able to make its way to your brain.

A snore is the noise emitted as your body attempts to regulate airflow and could be indicative of even bigger concerns. Make sure to contact your dentist immediately if you are experiencing constant snoring.

Apnea is Linked to Heart Concerns

Snoring and teeth-grinding can be the result of an even bigger concern known as obstructive sleep apnea. It involves the muscles in your throat relaxing, thus restricting your airflow. In response, the brain sends signals to briefly rouse you to correct the issue, and the cycle repeats itself.

While it may not seem like a serious concern immediately, OSA has been linked to major physical health complications, including increased blood pressure, heart disease, liver complications, and more. Make sure to reach out to our team if you suspect you are experiencing this phenomenon.

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