Month: May 2021

How Oral Appliances Can Mitigate Damage

Washing and removing organic residues in orthodontic appliance. Sanitizing denture or bite with toothbrush and antiseptic toothpaste. Concept of proper cleaning and hygiene with antibacterial products

It goes without saying that our grins endure a significant amount of wear and tear over the years as it comes into contact with a variety of threats. Many of these include common concerns such as dental decay and gingivitis, while less common issues may involve oral cancer, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorder. Indeed, the… Read more »

Having Problems With A Sore Jaw?

Even though complications that arise from sleeping disorders may seem more of a minor inconvenience at best, their prolonged exposure can result in seriously complex issues down the line. In fact, they can transcend affecting your oral health alone and impact your overall health, including causing heart concerns and complications with medicine and surgeries. Indeed,… Read more »