Month: April 2021

Major Concerns Arising From OSA

While many individuals would not normally associate concerns such as teeth-grinding and sleep apnea with dental health, they actually pose a major threat to maintaining a healthy smile. In fact, both of these phenomena can be linked to the body’s natural response for survival, as grinding and waking up throughout the night occur to help… Read more »

Are You Affected By Bruxism?

Nothing is worse than a restless night of sleep, as it can have a significant impact on your daily function and routine. What’s more, the source of your restless slumber could be related to a dangerous sleeping disorder or nighttime teeth-grinding. Without proper treatment or assessment, your health can become at risk down the line…. Read more »

Does Your Partner’s Snoring Keep You Up?

A restless night of sleep can impact an individual tremendously, especially if frequency and intensity play a factor. Indeed, for your motor function to operate efficiently, one needs roughly eight hours of quality rest every single night, give or take. If this need is not met, your entire body can suffer. What’s more, it is… Read more »