Is Your Day Affected By Bruxism?

Asian woman suffering from toothache and using cold pack jelly. Concept of teeth problem.Taking care of your smile is a process that will accompany you into adulthood and throughout the remainder of your days. Though you have a few natural defenses in place, there are significantly more threats that are regularly interacting with your grin, meaning your smile could use all of the help it can get. In some cases, however, nontraditional dental concerns may be impacting your smile without your knowledge. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist takes a look at the different ways nighttime bruxism can damage your smile and discusses possible treatment options.

Often a Nighttime Issue

When we think about the factors that harm your smile and threaten your oral health, we often think of tooth decay and gum disease. Indeed, both of these phenomena are very common, affecting millions of people every year in some way, shape, or form. Though they may be common, these issues are not to be taken lightly. The problem is, however, that your issues do not stop here.

Indeed, there are several factors out there that can negatively influence your oral health, including nontraditional concerns. For instance, grinding your teeth can lead to significant complications and damage to your structures, and many times, individuals experiencing bruxism might only be affected while they slumber.

It can be difficult to determine the frequency and severity of chronic teeth grinding, but doing so as soon as possible will yield the best results. You should discuss any instances of waking up with a sore or tense jaw with your dentist, and our team is ready to help. To learn more about this process and how our office can help you get started, reach out to us today.

Daytime Complications

When a person experiences bruxism, the side effects do not stop at a sore jaw. As a matter of fact, some daytime symptoms of untreated teeth grinding may include tooth sensitivity, as constant grinding can wear down the surfaces of the teeth.

In addition to wearing down your teeth, this process leads to a greater likelihood that you will develop an infection or other oral health concerns. Moreover, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse the situation will become. Contact our team today to learn more about this process.

It Only Gets Worse From Here

The only thing worse than enduring chronic teeth grinding is having your condition develop into a dangerous jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. This issue occurs when the lower jaw becomes misaligned with one of the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and causes your jaw to pop or click whenever it moves.

Seek Treatment With Our Team

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