The Science Behind Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep Houston TXSleep disorders affect Americans on a nightly basis, and if you struggle with your rest, you could be limiting your daily potential. You need adequate rest to allow you to feel energized throughout the day, but your condition can also affect your health over an extended period of time. Two of the five most prevalent sleep disorders are related to the mouth and throat, so if you wake up with jaw tightness or discomfort, your slumber may be to blame. Speak with the team at Houston SleepWell in Houston, TX about your concerns.

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Sleep

Your chronic grinding overnight could cause serious wear to the tops of your teeth. Bruxism is the name for this condition and the repetitive collision of your jaw can damage your enamel. Since this material cannot heal itself, your damage could last until you seek restorative care.

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is another condition that can lead to life-impacting health concerns. During your deepest form of sleep, the nerve that controls your ability to swallow can become momentarily relaxed. This situation can allow the folds of your throat to overlap, creating a seal that blocks airflow. Both of these conditions can be addressed through the use of a helpful oral appliance as a non-surgical solution.

Prevent Enamel Wear From Bruxism

The unconscious grinding of teeth is a highly prevalent movement, but for some it can become damaging to your smile. At night, you do not have the ability to stop yourself, so these actions can continue for hours without end. Bruxism can erode the tops of your teeth, which can leave you with an unappealing look. Beyond its cosmetic implications, your enamel provides the durability you need to chew safely.

An oral appliance uses a soft BPA-free barrier between your teeth overnight to prevent your enamel from clashing. Wear your custom guard overnight and discover how this non-surgical method can help you have a healthier night of rest.

Keep Your Airway Open Overnight

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is another condition that can leave you feeling tired before noon. While you are asleep, your throat can relax to a point where it blocks your airway. This condition may show as problem snoring, so if your loved ones have brought this up, take their concerns seriously.

Oral appliances help sleep apnea patients as well as those with bruxism. By gently repositioning your jaw forward, your airway can stay open through the night. This approach can be a positive first step before machine-based treatment, and is non-surgical.

Custom Oral Appliances In Houston, TX

The treatment of your sleep disorder starts with an appointment. Discover the power of a full night of quality rest with an oral appliance from Houston SleepWell in Houston, TX at 713-796-9600. Give us a call today to learn more to schedule an appointment with our team.