Chronic Teeth Grinding And Its Primary Causes

people , health and stress concept - unhappy woman suffering from head ache at homeYour smile is one of your greatest assets, and one that could certainly use a bit of help from time to time. Indeed, there are countless threats out there that can negatively influence your oral health, and some are more common than you might think. While the number one way to stay on top of a healthy smile is to practice regular dental prevention, sometimes other phenomena can negatively affect your health without you even knowing it. In today’s blog, your  Houston, TX dentist explores the causes and effects of chronic teeth grinding and offers solutions to prioritize your smile’s health.

A Potential Sleep Disorder

Whether you were aware of it or not, teeth grinding is a common phenomenon that can affect many people each year. It is often characterized by a person tightly clenching his or her teeth together while he or she slumbers, then moving the lower jaw from side to side. The result of this issue is that friction is created and your teeth can become damaged or broken.

When a person experiences bruxism on a regular or consistent basis, it begins to seriously affect a person’s health and smile structure. In fact, teeth grinding can lead to sensitive or brittle structures as they have been rubbed down greatly, and oftentimes leads to bigger issues down the line.

One major cause of teeth grinding may be the result of a dangerous sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. When a person slumbers, the throat muscles may relax to the point that they obstruct the air passage. The brain may send signals to correct the issue, such as clenching your teeth to help tighten those muscles. To learn more about this process and what it means for your oral health, give our team a call.

Heightened Levels of Stress

In addition to a potential sleep disorder, another suspected cause of teeth grinding may include heightened levels of stress. You see, when the human body encounters great levels of stress, it tends to tense up. This can occur in the muscles, but can also lead to habits such as teeth grinding.

Though everyone will experience stress at some point or another in their lives, it is important to remain vigilant about its effects on the body. Give our team a call to learn more today.

Other Environmental Stressors

In terms of other causes of bruxism, many cases may be the result of circumstantial concerns. Regardless, it is important you consult with your doctor and your dentist to make sure your health is in order. We can help you find a solution ideal for your needs, whether that includes seeking treatment for a sleep disorder or simply acquiring an oral appliance to protect your teeth.

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