Non-Invasive Treatment For Your Sleep Disorder

Waking Up Houston TXIf you have been struggling with your sleep, it may be a sign that you should talk with a trusted team of oral health experts about your condition. Two of the five most common sleep disorders center around the mouth and throat, so your dentist may have the tools you need to find a comfortable form of treatment for your condition. For both chronic obstructive sleep apnea and nightly teeth grinding, there is a simple option that can help you to avoid noisy machines and surgery!

At our dental office in Houston, TX, we are here to help you achieve a more peaceful night of rest. Talk to our team about the advantages of oral appliance-based treatment for your common sleep disorder and uncover a new world of a full night of slumber. Your problem snoring can be a sign of a more serious condition, so stop waiting to find a solution. Instead, talk to your oral health provider about how an oral appliance can help you!

Your Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Serious Health Complications

One of the most common sleep disorders in this country is known as chronic obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs when your throat tissue becomes a little too soft during your nightly rest. When this happens, your airway can become blocked by your own body, preventing you from drawing a full breath. Sometimes, these pauses can last well over a full minute, forcing your body to wake yourself up in order to receive the oxygen you need. This can sometimes be confused with loud snoring, so if your loved ones have mentioned their concern, talk to an oral health specialist about your sleep.

Apnea can lead to serious consequences that can even be life-threatening. These patients are more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke, so take your condition seriously and talk to your sleep science professional about your options in treatment!

An Oral Appliance Helps You Treat Your Sleep Apnea Without Surgery Or A Noisy Machine

Even with a knowledge of the dangers of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, people can sometimes avoid seeking treatment for their condition. This is often as a result of past experiences with intrusive CPAP machines, or for fear of the possibility of surgery. An oral appliance helps you to avoid these techniques with a more comfortable form of sleep therapy. Talk to your provider and see if a simple repositioning of your jaw with a BPA-free mouthguard is the solution for your smile!

A Less Invasive Way To Treat Sleep Apnea In Houston, TX

When you are waking up already feeling tired, it may be a sign that your sleep apnea is impacting your life. For more information on how an oral appliance can help you to achieve a better night of rest, speak with our team today at Houston SleepWell in Houston, TX at (713)796-9600.