Is Your Snoring A Sign Of Sleep Apnea?

Waking Up Mad Houston TXIf your loved ones have mentioned your loud and aggressive snoring, take this opportunity to speak with a dental professional who understands the science behind your sleep. You may be struggling with a common sleep disorder without even knowing it. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that happens during your deepest form of sleep, when your throat tissue becomes softer and loses some of its definition. When this happens, it can block your airway, preventing you from drawing a full breath while you rest.

With our expert team of sleep science professionals in Houston, TX, you can take positive steps in the treatment of your chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Take some time to visit with Dr. Richardson, DDS and discuss all of your sleep concerns while you are in the office. Your troublesome snoring could be a sign of a common sleep disorder, so make the effort in treating it with the help of an oral appliance!

Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Disguise Itself As Problem Snoring

When you sleep, are your family members concerned about your snoring? If they have been bringing it up, you should take them seriously and schedule an appointment with a trusted oral health provider. You may have a condition known as chronic obstructive sleep apnea. This common sleep disorder can hide itself as snoring, leading you to think that your condition is not that serious.

Sleep apnea can be dangerous to your overall health, however, so do not dismiss it out of hand. Patients with this condition experience a higher likelihood of developing serious concerns such as hypertension and heart disease. If you allow your obstructive sleep apnea to continue without treatment, you could be placing yourself at an elevated risk of life-threatening issues like stroke or heart attack, so take steps to keep yourself healthy.

An Oral Appliance Can Help You To Treat Your Sleep Apnea And Decrease Snoring

If you have been given a diagnosis of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, you may be hesitant to seek treatment because you do not want surgery or a noisy CPAP machine. If this sounds like you, talk to your provider about the possibility of an oral appliance. This is a slim mouthguard that you wear while sleeping, and it treats apnea by gently repositioning your jaw. Often, this is enough to alleviate chronic obstructive sleep apnea!

Control Your Snoring With Sleep Apnea Treatment From Houston SleepWell

When your friends and family start to bring up your snoring, talk to a trusted health professional about your options in treatment. For more information on how an oral appliance can help you, talk with a valued member of our team at Houston SleepWell in Houston, TX at (713)796-9600.