Is Your Partner A Chronic Snorer?

Woman covering ears with pillow while man snoresNothing is more trying on the nerves than a partner who snores chronically. Though to you it may seem as though it is an indicator of restful sleep, in all actuality, the opposite is likely true. Moreover, being constantly awoken by loud gargling sounds and snoring can make your night of slumber restless as well. Though snoring is something everyone has at least experienced, or have known someone that has experienced it, it is important to look into the root cause of the phenomenon. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist discusses the possible causes and effects of untreated snoring and how our team can provide treatment that helps.

Understanding the Daytime Effects

Believe it or not, snoring every once-in-a-while is alright, but chronic snoring every single night should be a red flag that something is amiss. When we were younger, we believed that snoring indicated restful sleep. In all actuality, it occurs when the airway becomes somewhat restricted or blocked. In cases such as these, early intervention is your best option.

When a person snores constantly, there are a few daytime effects that make themselves known. For example, daytime fatigue is a telltale sign that snoring might have kept you from receiving a restful night of sleep. Moreover, a person might awaken with a dry mouth, experience difficulty concentrating during the day, and can even experience hypersomnia.

In addition to the ways snoring can affect your partner, it is important to remember that you, too are affected. When your partner snores incessantly, it keeps you awake at night. To learn more about this phenomenon and how your body is affected, contact our team today.

Potentially a Larger Concern

In addition to the immediate effects of snoring, the act in and of itself can serve as an indicator that a bigger issue is at hand. You see, snoring is a side effect of a dangerous sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

When a person experiences obstructive sleep apnea, his or her throat muscles relax and obstruct the airway. This makes it harder for oxygen to reach the necessary parts of the body, and snoring or teeth grinding may be a result of this process. Contact our team to learn more about your options today.

Seeking Treatment Sooner Rather Than Later

As with all dental-related concerns, waiting too long to seek treatment is a major detriment to your health. In fact, the issue will only continue to worsen as time goes on and may even result in serious complications down the line. Fortunately, our team has the treatment and experience to help.

Learn More Today

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