Jaw Soreness? It May Be A Sign Of Bruxism

Repose Houston TXIf you are waking up with a stiff or uncomfortable jaw when you wake up in the morning, it may be time for you to speak with an oral health professional with a knowledge of sleep science. This can be a symptom of a common sleep disorder known as bruxism, which is the chronic grinding of teeth during sleep. When you need to improve the quality of your sleep, rely on a team of dental professionals to help you.

At our Houston, TX office, we can help you to address your bruxism with the use of a comfortable oral appliance that you wear overnight. This approach uses an unobtrusive BPA-free mouthguard to prevent your teeth from colliding during sleep. In addition, this form of treatment can also help by keeping your jaw in a healthy position, which can be beneficial for those with temporomandibular irritation and dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ disorder. Rest easier with an oral appliance from Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS!

Bruxism Is More Than A Minor Inconvenience

Do not put off seeking treatment for your overnight grinding, as it can cause more damage than you might imagine. While your discomfort may seem like something you can work through, there are lasting negative complications associated with the condition. Your sleep is important to your ability to be successful, and you could be spending hours during this time wearing away at the external surface of your teeth.

Bruxism can lead to serious enamel erosion if you do not address the condition. Over time, the contact of your teeth during grinding will remove microscopic layers of this material, and this can leave you susceptible to future infection that can put your smile at risk. You might also change your appearance with shortened incisors and flattened molars. Bruxism can also change your alignment, so make the effort in seeking care.

An Oral Appliance Can Protect Your Smile From Bruxism

The use of a slim and comfortable oral appliance is one of the methods of treatment available for your common sleep disorder. At our office, we will provide you with a custom guard that, when worn overnight, works to protect your dental health. In addition to keeping your teeth safe from the harm of collision, this approach also gives your jaw time to rest. This can be helpful for those with a condition known at temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), so talk with your provider to see if an oral appliance is right for you!

Non-Surgical Bruxism Treatment In Houston, TX

For the treatment of your overnight teeth grinding, reach out to a staff that cares. Call us at Houston SleepWell in Houston, TX at (713)796-9600 for more information or to schedule your consultation.