Signs Your Partner May Have Sleep Apnea

Relax, rest, retired, concept. I'm very tired! Gray hair woman looks aside, holder ears and close eyes siting on the bed linen, sheets and look on daydream sleeping husbandIt goes without saying that life as an adult is anything but calm at all times. Between various obligations and responsibilities, you are also encouraged to prioritize your oral health, physical health, mental health, and social health. Needless to say, it can become easy for many important items to fall to the back burner. What’s more? Nontraditional sleeping concerns such as bruxism and TMJ disorder only make this situation worse. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist expresses the importance in keeping an eye out for oral health concerns, as well as what signs to look for if you suspect your loved one may be experiencing sleep apnea.


While many individuals can be quick to identify either themselves or someone they know who snores regularly, this hardly means that it is a normal or regular phenomenon. As a matter of fact, snoring has often been linked as an indicator that there is something obstructing the proper flow of oxygen through the air passage.

You see, when the throat becomes restricted – such as when the throat muscles relax – oxygen has a difficult time reaching the brain as it should. As it attempts to whoosh past these relaxed muscles, the result is the snoring sound you often hear.

When snoring is coupled with a few other symptoms, however, this may be a major indicator that something is very much wrong. If too much oxygen is restricted and unable to work its way up to the brain, a person may experience periods of delayed breathing and wake/sleep cycles. To learn more about this phenomenon and how it affects you, give our office a call today.

Cycles or Periods of Delayed Breathing

It goes without saying that, when sleeping with another person present, you tend to hear any sounds or noises they may emit during the night. This includes periods of delayed breathing, a major sign of obstructive sleep apnea. This phenomenon occurs when the muscles in the throat become relaxed, restricting air to the brain and causing the brain to send signals that briefly rouse you to address the problem.

One of the symptoms that a sleep apnea concern is on your hands includes cycles of delayed breathing. If it sounds as though your partner is constantly holding his or her breath while sleeping, it is important to reach out to our team.

Gasping or Other Breathing Abnormalities

A third major indicator OSA is occurring includes instances of gasping for air. Additionally, if it sounds as though your partner is emitting a slight squeaking or squealing noise, this can indicate an inability to properly breathe, and your partner should be awoken immediately but calmly.

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