Addressing Chronic Snoring

Annoying noise. Irritated woman can't sleep because of her boyfriend snoring, closing her ears with pillow, top viewMore often than not, loud snoring is not indicative of a bigger oral health concern to many people, especially not one you’d think to see your dentist about. The fact of the matter is, however, that it can actually be caused by a number of concerns, from sleep apnea to bruxism and many other concerns in-between. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist will look at the causes behind chronic snoring and how we can help you achieve the full night’s rest you have missed out on for so long with a custom appliance.

It Can be Indicative of a Bigger Concern

For many people, snoring is not a major concern, as it can occur due to a long, strenuous day, a few too many drinks, and a number of other reasons. When it is occurring regularly, however, it can significantly impact your daily life and cause a number of disruptions or concerns. At this point, it is important to consider that your chronic snoring could be indicative of a bigger oral health concern, and often when we ask our patients, we find out a slew of other symptoms are occurring that further this point. If you feel that this scenario applies to you, you may want to consider meeting with your dentist to find out what you can do.

How It is Affecting Your Health

One of the causes may be due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleeping disorder in which your airway becomes restricted during the night while you rest. This blockage will cause you to periodically stop and start breathing, briefly rousing you in the process. Not only does it disrupt your sleeping pattern, but causes a slew of side effects that impact your day-to-day function as well. Among these side effects includes daytime fatigue and drowsiness, morning headaches, difficulty paying attention, irritability, and daytime hypersomnia, just to name a few.

Not only does OSA impact your daily life, but it may impact your health significantly as well, as individuals who experience it are at a higher risk of developing concerns such as heart problems, type 2 diabetes, complications with medications and surgery, and more. If you suspect you may be experiencing the effects of OSA, it is imperative you contact your Houston, TX sleep specialist today.

Treatment with a Custom Appliance

While OSA and other disorders can significantly impact your life if they are not addressed, fortunately, there are solutions that could alleviate this concern. Many individuals are aware of CPAP machines and how they regulate airflow, however, they can often cause more concerns or difficulties than they solve. As an alternative, a custom oral appliance can be utilized to help open your airway and regulate airflow while unconscious, offering benefits such as zero noise, portability, and more. For more information, contact our office today.

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